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How Australia’s Dairy Exports Is Powering Through the Pandemic & Post Pandemic..

The Australian dairy industry has grown from humble beginnings into a leading national industry that injects close to A$13 billion into Australia’s economy. This major industry has adopted the latest technology to produce whole milk and dairy products in significant qualities. Australia is the world’s third-largest exporter of dairy products, exporting more than 50% of

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The Russia-Ukraine War: Effects on Food Exporters in Australia

The war between Russia and Ukraine has triggered an international food crisis, with some Middle Eastern importers suffering the most. Lebanon, which is already economically down, is trying to avert a bread crisis. Yemen is already struggling with ‘alarming heights’ of food security. Egypt, which imported 80% of its wheat from Ukraine and Russia last

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How Different Is Freight Booking in 2022?

The past couple of years had been unforgiving for the whole human race. The COVID-19 pandemic, which distressed the economies globally, has still not released the world from its clutches. Among the industries that had to bear the major brunt of the situation is the trade industry. In fact, the circumstances had been strange to

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What May Go Wrong in Preparing a Certificate of Origin?

A lot! Preparing a certificate of origin can be frustrating, even for the most experienced exporters. Why? First, it requires accurate filling of data that can be extremely critical for the successful transition of an export consignment. Second, many exporters still practice the traditional manual way of completing this important piece of export document. Third,

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Reviewing the Process to Obtain Phytosanitary Certificates

If you export plants and/or plant-based products, you must be familiar with what is phytosanitary certificate. Also, you understand the importance of getting this important trade document in the prescribed format and without any delay. So, it makes sense to skip these parts and get straight to the question – are you doing it the

An Exporters’ Guide to Freight Booking

The global marketplace is full of exciting opportunities. If you have export quality goods, you can push your limits beyond local markets and register success at the international level. For this, you need to be smart in selecting your associates and service providers who are knowledgeable and experienced in their fields. At the same time,

What Should You Know about Getting Export Declaration Number?

While an export consignment gets ready to leave a country, it is vital to record every minute detail about it. Needless to say, a country’s Customs department is responsible to validate this data. At the same time, the exporters must abide by the importance of sharing all pieces of information accurately. To make this process

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Why and How to Certify the Origin of Your Export Goods?

Your export business in Australia may be exporting different types of goods. For example, there can be goods entirely produced, manufactured or grown in Australia. Then, there can be another category of goods prepared in Australia using raw materials imported from some other country. Also, there can be goods imported from some other country, undergoing

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How Export Documentation Should Be Done In Modern Times?

Before you begin reading, it is important to highlight who should read this post and why. The content discussed below is relevant for all types of exporters, including: First, the beginners who have been hearing about the horror stories of documentation going wrong and the consequences it may lead to Second, the exporters who continue

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Who Issues a Certificate of Origin in Australia?

Australia being a leading exporting nation has trade relationships with many countries across the globe. In order to nurture these relationships, the country is a part of numerous Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) to offer benefits both to the importers and the exporters. So, an exporter from Australia, willing to export goods to an importer from