Obtain important Health/Phytosanitary Certificates and Export Permits electronically, while ensuring fast turnaround and 100% compliance.


    Is Getting Compliant Certificates Still a Challenge?

    Accurate Health/Phytosanitary Certificates are necessary to meet importing country requirements for cargo clearance and for regulatory compliance. But obtaining them can be challenging:

    Slow EDN Turnaround

    Slow Processing

    Manually filling out goods description, processing details, importing destination and other fields across forms, across shipments is a tedious task, and slows down shipment processing.

    Compliance Issues

    Low Compliance

    Manual entries mean increased chances of errors and non-compliance. And that can delay your shipment, incur extra cost and penalties, and hurt your bottomline.

    High Cost of EDN

    High Cost of Processing

    Depending on manual processes for data entry, filing applications, and tracking them across different organisations means you need to hire and train a large team, adding to your overhead costs.

    Get Permits and Certificates Online with No Delays

    ImpexRFP allows you to raise Request For Permits (RFPs) and obtain Health/ Phytosanitary Certificates electronically via a quick, cost-effective and error-free process
    Equipped to Deliver on All Requirements

    Equipped to Deliver on All Requirements

    All Commodities Covered
    Obtain Phytosanitary/Health Certificates for all types of prescribed goods including Grain, Horticulture, Dairy, Fish, Meat, Inedible Meat, Egg, Wool, Skin & Hides easily

    Obtain EDNs at the Same Time
    Along with Export Permit Numbers (EPN), obtain Export Declaration Numbers (EDNs) from Customs in the same message, at no additional cost, using the Single Electronic Window (SEW)

    Reduced Department Charges
    Department of Agriculture fees for generating electronic certificates is much lower than the cost for obtaining a manual certification.

    Digitised, Web-Based Solution

    Digitised, Web-Based Solution

    Status Tracking
    Receive messages and status updates in real-time, by secure electronic messaging using industry-standard SSL technology.

    User Friendly
    Easy-to-use web application, accessible from any web browser, no software installation required. Multiple authorised users can copy previous messages and lodge new requests in minutes.

    Use Integrated or Standalone
    Integrate with other ImpexDocs solutions or use it as a standalone module. The integration enables exporters to streamline and access all their documentation online seamlessly

    Why Opt For ImpexRFP?

    Stop running from pillar to post and switching between multiple portals to get your export permits. Streamline it all with the ImpexRFP module.

    On-time Shipments

    Faster Shipment Processing

    Automatically populate form fields by pulling in previously stored data. Ensure fast and error-free export documentation to speed up shipment processing.


    Greater Visibility into Documentation

    Manage all certificate requests in one place, accessible to necessary personnel. Track document status and other relevant insights directly, using customised dashboards.

    Reduced Processing Costs

    Reduce Operational Costs

    With digitised process, a one or two person team can effortlessly handle all export documentation, lowering spend on hiring and managing a large team.

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