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    You Don’t Need This!

    Is your export management team still relying on manual processes to execute global trade? If yes, we’re pretty sure you’ve run into these challenges for a while now.

    Inefficient Processes

    Inefficient Processes

    It takes an average 4 hours to manually process a shipment. Between contract management, documentation and shipping, your teams have to chase 30 different agencies, and rekey 60-70% of the data manually. All of this is tedious, and causes a high degree of errors.

    Security Visibility

    Low Visibility

    Manual operations, coupled with fragmented processes mean you do not have a holistic view of your export supply chain. It’s difficult to track documentation or shipment status, create reports, or analyze process efficiency in the absence of a centralised platform.

    Low-Compliance High-Risk

    Low-Compliance, High-Risk

    Lack of expert knowledge and tedious processes lead to faulty, non-compliant documentation and export processes. This puts your business at risk, causes shipment delays, and unhappy customers. All this adds up to cause significant hits to your revenue.

    Optimize Your Global Trade Management

    How do you get past these challenges? Transform your trade supply chain processes with ImpexDocs. A cloud-based DIY software solution that can help you manage your global trade processes end-to-end, with minimal manual resource requirements. Digitize your trade management processes and bring it all onto one unified platform, streamlining your complete export supply chain logistics. And to top it all, it’s fast, accurate, secure and compliant.

    Global Trade Management

    Centralised Global Trade Management

    Centralised Global Trade Management

    Order Management
    Create and manage sale and purchase orders with all details, product info, documents and terms & conditions collated in one place.

    Compare rates across different freight forwarders. Book vessels online, receive confirmations and track shipments start to finish.

    Shipping Documents
    Apply for and obtain EDN, RFP, PRA, COO and other custom documents online. Track document status and liaise with port authorities, customs, chambers of commerce from within the app.

    Streamlined Information Management

    Streamlined Information Management

    Product Information
    Add and maintain detailed product information, ready to be pulled into export documents. Edit and duplicate easily to speed up creating new products.

    Container Information
    Meticulously log container details to streamline document creation and ensure compliance.

    Eliminate Manual Work
    With digitized information ready to be pulled into different documents and forms, export teams no longer have to re-key the same information multiple times during shipment processing

    Easy Document Creation & Sharing

    Easy Document Creation & Sharing

    Complete Set of Export Documents
    Every document required for your export shipment, available in the standard UN layout format and customisable to suit your business needs.

    Multiple Exporting Companies and Currencies
    Allows preparation of export documents for various currencies and across multiple exporting companies.

    Email Distribution
    Share your export documents with your trading partners and customers, with the integrated email feature.

    Collaboration and Client Portal
    Export teams can effectively collaborate on shipments, with up-to-date documentation and shipment status visible and accessible to all stakeholders on a centralised portal.

    Designed to Work for Your Business

    Designed to Work for Your Business

    Creating and Maintaining Databases
    Easy creation and maintenance of databases to make documents like purchase orders, sales contracts, price lists, etc. instantly available.

    Comprehensive Reporting
    Get a complete dashboard of all your export transactions, allowing you to conduct further analysis for management reporting.

    User Friendly and Flexible
    Built-in features like print preview, email, masters, etc., facilitate easy management of your export documents. Your team will be on board with it in no time.

    Impexdocs Product IT Team

    Your IT Team Will Love It

    Customized System Integrations
    Integrate with your existing ERP, accounting, inventory, or other back office systems - SAP, JDE, Sage, GrainSmart, Microsoft AX or Navision - to streamline export processes and improve overall business productivity.

    Integration Implementation
    We work with your IT teams to map all relevant business processes and strategize to create optimal integration pathways - API/XML/CSV/FTP technologies - as required.

    Comprehensive Online Support
    Get a team of experts that promptly caters to your support requirements, to make your export process easier and more efficient.

    The ImpexDocs Advantage

    Unlock crucial benefits for your business as export processes are streamlined and your shipments are delivered on time, every time.

    High Efficiency Processes

    High-Efficiency Processes

    Digitised, automated processes bring down shipment processing time to just 45 minutes. They also increase efficiency and eliminate the need to train expert resources, thus reducing costs across the supply chain.


    Complete Visibility

    Cloud-based solution gives all stakeholders access to up-to-date information on all aspects of the export supply chain. Track documentation or shipment status, access comprehensive reports, and review process efficiency on a centralised dashboard.

    Regulatory compliance

    Guaranteed Compliance

    Reduced manual repetition, linkages with all necessary global trade bodies, and automated alerts mean you get 100% compliant trade processes and documentation. Hence, reduced risk of errors, delays and penalties.

    Driving Growth for Endeavour Meats

    Endeavour Meats’ wanted to start out fast and quickly scale up operations. With ImpexDocs digitizing and automating a significant portion of their meat export supply chain, they achieved:

    - 270+ Shipments managed in just 6 months, with a three-member export team

    - 75% Savings on systems and tools used for export process management
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    ImpexDocs works great when used as a standalone product. It takes care of all your shipping, logistics and export documentation requirements and ensures that your team is able to work efficiently. When used by itself, ImpexDocs eliminates the need for re-keying the same information into several documents, keeping track of permits and approvals, or printing out stacks of forms and documents. 

    However, the solution is more powerful when used in conjunction with the other modules in the Export Software Suite.  Users in Australia can utilise modules like the ImpexPRA, ImpexCOO, ImpexEDN and ImpexRFP to take over the task of actually coordinating with relevant government and trade bodies like customs, agriculture or health departments, ports and cargo terminal authorities. This ensures that all necessary permits, certificates etc. are applied for and generated electronically on time, without your export teams having to run from pillar to post to get things done.

    Yes, it is a complete web-based real-time solution, with no software to install. You can access the application from any computer or tablet.
    The ImpexDocs solution is built on a robust advanced technical architecture which allows it to integrate with any   ERP/Accounting/WMS/TMS/Inventory/Production system using flexible technologies such as API/XMl/CSV as per client requirements.

    You can make use of the ImpexDocs training support to equip yourself and your team with all the information required to know how to use the product. For any additional queries you can also contact our online team of experts or use our comprehensive online help.

    The ImpexDocs support plan cost includes unlimited technical support and free software updates. You can raise support tickets for any issues you face, and they will be closed only after the issues have been resolved to your satisfaction. Our support SLAs contain defined severity levels for various issues, and specify issue response times. 

    Our priority is that your business runs uninterrupted, and we’ve been known to go above and beyond to make that happen!

    International Trade Management Challenges? Solved.