Introducing ImpexTrack: Revolutionizing Container Visibility for Exporters & Importers


    Unveiling ImpexTrack:

    Redefining Global Container and Shipment Visibility for Exporters & Importers

    Introducing ImpexTrack, the game changing shipment and container visibility software tailored for exporters and importers. Our platform simplifies, automates, and transforms the entire container tracking process, seamlessly integrated with bookings and shipment execution. Say farewell to traditional tracking headaches and embrace streamlined efficiency.

    The Challenges due to the lack of visibility of containers/shipments

    Real-Time Data Delays

    Waiting for shipment information can result in missed opportunities.`

    Time-Consuming Tracking

    Navigating multiple shipping company websites - is cumbersome and error prone.

    Cash Flow Impact

    Lack of ETAs can disrupt cash flows.

    Manual Efforts

    Non-integrated systems lead to increased manual work.

    Customer Dissatisfaction

    Inability to provide accurate shipment status leads to unhappy customers.

    Proactive Respons

    Without accurate ETAs, responding to changes is challenging.

    Key Features of ImpexTrack

    Comprehensive Tracking

    • Track containers using numbers such as container, booking, or bill of lading.
    • Real-time tracking of shipment events.
    • Monitor multiple containers across various vessels simultaneously.

    Streamlined Workflow

    • Track Faster: Automate tracking and save 50% of the time compared to individual carriers.
    • Eliminate Manual Work: Bid farewell to manual tracking efforts and costly errors.
    • Improve Cash Flows: Accurate tracking leads to better cash flow management.

    Integrated Solutions

    • Selective Tracking: Choose which containers to track as per your needs.
    • Integrated Workflow Integration: Seamlessly integrated with ImpexDocs for efficient bookings and shipment management.
    • Visual Display: Interactive map-based display for easy tracking.
    • Share Tracking Information: Effortlessly share real-time tracking updates with stakeholders.

    Benefits of ImpexTrack

    Discover how ImpexTrack enhances your container tracking experience:

    Global Trade Management Team
    Gain insights into container events throughout the shipment process. Access Australian and international port event data from trusted sources, ensuring you have the latest information for informed decision-making.
    Effortlessly search for booking information and track events linked to your containers. Our user-friendly interface saves time and reduces errors, providing real-time data through one platform login.
    With real-time event tracking, stay ahead of potential delays and make informed decisions to keep your supply chain running smoothly. Convert shipment data into actionable insights for efficient logistics planning and increased customer satisfaction.
    Enhanced visibility enables confident payment requests, while importers can manage cash flow with assurance of shipment progress, ultimately benefiting both parties financially.
    Empower customers with self-service options for tracking their shipments, reducing the burden on your team and increasing customer satisfaction.
    Know what is on the water, get up-to-date information on transhipments and ETAs and make decisions for your precious cargo.

    ImpexTrack elevates operational efficiency by providing real-time visibility and connectivity across the supply chain. Join us in transforming the way you track containers and shipments today!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    ImpexTrack simplifies container tracking by providing real-time updates on shipment events, integrating with booking and execution processes, and offering a user-friendly interface for streamlined navigation.

    Yes, ImpexTrack allows users to monitor multiple containers across various vessels simultaneously, providing comprehensive visibility into their shipments.

    ImpexTrack enhances cash flow management by providing accurate tracking information, enabling confident payment requests for exporters and helping importers prepare for payment on terms with assurance of shipment progress.

    Yes, ImpexTrack is fully integrated with ImpexDocs, ensuring efficient bookings and shipment management for exporters and importers.

    Absolutely, ImpexTrack unlocks access to global port and container event data, allowing users to gain insights into container events throughout the shipment process.

    ImpexTrack empowers customers with self-service options with help of Customer Portal  for tracking their shipments, reducing the burden on exporters and importers and ultimately increasing customer satisfaction.

    With ImpexTrack, you can effortlessly share real-time tracking updates with stakeholders, including container events, estimated arrival time (ETAs) and its position.

    Yes, ImpexTrack offers selective tracking, allowing users to choose which containers to track based on their specific needs and preferences.

    ImpexTrack provides accurate Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) and real-time event tracking, enabling exporters and importers to respond proactively to changes and disruptions in the shipment process.

    ImpexTrack offers comprehensive support for users, including training, documentation, and dedicated customer service to ensure a smooth experience with the platform.

    Yes, ImpexTrack offers customizable alerts for significant shipment events or delays, allowing exporters and importers to stay informed and take necessary actions promptly.

    ImpexTrack undergoes regular updates and enhancements to ensure it remains at the forefront of container and shipment visibility technology. New features are introduced based on customer feedback, industry trends, and technological advancements, ensuring that users always have access to cutting-edge capabilities to meet their evolving needs. 

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