Does This Sound Familiar?

Cost of operations is rising across the trade supply chain.

Coordinating with different third-party agencies is time-consuming, stressful, and causes delays.

There are several other challenges that export businesses are struggling with:

  • Ensuring compliant documentation
  • Inefficient and inaccurate manual processes
  • Organisational inertia while adopting digital transformation

All of these combine to create significant growth and productivity bottlenecks in your international trade and supply chain operations.

trade supply chain

If Yes, We Can Help

export logistics and documentation process

We are ImpexDocs, and our goal is to simplify global trade for you.

We craft bespoke solutions to help you streamline and manage your international trade and export supply chain logistics – order management, documentation, contracts, shipping et al. And we deliver this via:

  • An industry-leading software solutions suite: for end-to-end orchestration of international trade.
  • Managed services: that allow you to outsource your entire export logistics and documentation process, while giving you complete visibility and control
  • Consulting services: that review your current global trade operations to identify challenges and solve for inefficiencies and gaps in the system

Here's How

At ImpexDocs, we are a team with a combined experience of 15 years in international trade. And we bring that to the table when it's time to simplify, optimize, and automate your global trade and supply chain logistics. Here's what we do:

Cloud Computing

Export Software Suite

Give your team a complete solution suite that can transform and optimize your global trade operations. A unified digital platform that manages everything from sales and purchase orders, to shipping, to compliant documentation and more, while seamlessly iterating with back-office systems.

Process Flow

Managed Services

Eliminate tedious manual processes like re-keying information across forms, chasing permits and approvals, or tracking contract or shipment status. Take over your global trade processes and ensure that it runs like clockwork, with minimal effort, near-zero errors, and 100% compliant.

Reduced Focus on Growth

Consulting Services

Identify cost centres or instances of high inefficiency/low productivity in your current processes. Craft solutions and process optimizations that can reduce costs across your export supply chain, and empower you to scale up profitably, and sustainably.

In essence, we find ways to open up the bottlenecks in your global trade and export supply chain, so you can keep the revenues high and cost low. The end result can look something like this:

export supply chain

How to Get Started

Now that you know how we aid global trade execution and management, you can take a pick for your next step:

Get the Right Software Suite

You want optimized, automated, compliant processes. But nothing seems to fit your specific business needs? It’s time to adopt a comprehensive, modular, and highly flexible glabal trade management solution.

Bring In the Experts

You are all set to outsource your entire export documentation and compliance processes. All you need is a team that can ensure on-time, compliant documentation and transparent operations.

Unlock Growth Opportunities

Think your international trade and supply chain logistics can be better, but don’t know how, or where to start? You know there are opportunities in the market, but don’t think your business processes are ready to scale up? 


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