Freight Rate Management

    Global freight rate management, made simple and accurate.

    Freight Rate Management

    The Challenges are Clear

    Freight rate management is crucial for businesses to keep their costs low. But in the absence of a centralized, digitized process, challenges abound.

    Increasing Complexity

    Increasing Complexity

    Managing multiple carrier rates across different modes of transport on expansive static spreadsheets is a complex task. It’s also difficult to compare rates across carriers or keep these sheets updated to reflect the latest information.

    High Cost of EDN

    High Cost of Operations

    Depending on manual processes to update freight rate information or compare rates across carriers leaves room for error. This also means you will likely miss opportunities to secure the best rates, and end up paying higher that required.

    Reduced Focus on Growth

    No Historical Insight

    With manual freight rate management already being so cumbersome, there is little to no tracking of historical data. So you have no way to analyse and improve your processes on freight rate management, or draw insights from past trends.

    Freight Rate Management, Simplified

    ImpexDocs’ Freight Rate Management services simplify and optimize the range of resource intensive tasks that come with rate management in your  supply chain.


    Ongoing Comprehensive Rate Management

    Get an experienced team to handle your freight rate management. Outsource the management of data entry for some or all of your import and/or export contracts, including contract loading and management of all on-going amendments


    Interim Outsourced Rate Management

    Augment your in-house freight management team in the absence of critical resources. Onboard expert help for short durations to expand your bandwidth during peak seasons or to manage the initial loads of your contracts. Our rate management team performs like members of your own staff.

    Why Choose Freight Rate Management?

    Enhanced Support

    Efficient Processes

    Outsource freight rate management task to experienced professionals who can simplify operations, introduce efficient processes, and ensure swift rate updates.

    Save Money

    Obtain Cost Savings

    Eliminate the cost of hiring and training resources for freight rate management. Get expert teams with flexible engagement and payment models, that help speed up your supply chain.

    Regulatory compliance

    Guaranteed Compliance

    In-depth industry knowledge and experience ensures that all your documentation is 100% compliant. Hence, reduced risk of errors, delays and penalties.

    Expert Teams

    Expert Professionals

    15+ years of industry experience ensures that we are equipped to handle all your freight rate management tasks and keep the supply chain moving without a hitch.

    Personalised Service

    Personalised Service

    Dedicated teams that understand your business requirements in and out, to be able to leverage optimal cost-saving opportunities while ensuring on-budget, on-time deliveries.


    Confidential and Secure

    Backed with SSL and data encryption, your data is secure in our data center. With a written agreement backed by our Professional Indemnity insurance, your business is in safe hands.

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