Managed Meat

    End-to-end meat export supply chain management by dedicated, expert teams; to deliver efficiency, cost-savings, and optimal profits.

    Managed Meat

    We Know The Challenges

    The challenges in the meat export supply chain are numerous, compounded by the fact that you are still managing it all manually. Add to it that you’re dealing with perishable goods, and every error or delay can hit your bottomline hard.


    Time-Intensive Shipment Processing

    From obtaining health certifications and other permits on time, to coordinating with inspection authorities, to vessel booking and cargo acceptance; every manual export process is time-consuming and can potentially cause delays.

    High Cost of EDN

    High Cost of Professional Teams

    Hiring and managing a team of export professionals who can handle your global trade processes efficiently can get expensive. Also, depending on manual processes means you need to train and manage a large team, adding to your operational costs.

    Growth Statistics

    Inability to Scale Up Rapidly

    When you are dependent on time consuming, manual processes and non-standard export processes, it’s difficult to scale up operations rapidly. Your team and processes are not ready to deliver increased throughput without considerably raising costs.

    Meat Export Supply Chains, Managed by Experts

    This is where ManagedMeat services can step in to save you time and money, and help you achieve scale. How? By optimizing your meat export supply chains end-to-end, with the combination of industry-leading global trade management software, and experienced export management team.

    Supply Chain Growth

    Leverage an Expert Global Trade Management Team

    Leverage 15 years of industry experience in exporting meat products, and managing diverse export supply chains. The ImpexDocs team of expert professionals is available to assist in:

    Taking over your complete export supply chain management, so you can focus on business growth

    Identifying growth bottlenecks and opportunities in your current systems, and building a roadmap to capitalize on those

    Improving processes and increasing productivity of your supply chain and export teams.

    Export Supply Chain

    Streamline Your Export Supply Chain

    Our teams use the industry-leading ImpexDocs software suite to streamline every aspect of your meat export supply chain, thus enabling you to quickly scale up your operations.

    Contract management, vessel booking, documentation, shipment tracking, and reporting - all managed by expert professionals on a single cloud-based platform

    Complete visibility and any-time access to your global trade documentation

    Digitized processes ensure that our team can manage your documentation and compliance requirements efficiently, keeping your export supply chain on-time and on-budget

    Growth Value

    Customised Services Based on Your Needs

    Take advantage of our highly flexible operational models to get a managed services team that caters to your uniques business requirements.

    Work with us to meet peak-season demand, or even on a per-shipment basis

    Outsource end-to-end export documentation, logistics and compliance, or have our experts augment the efforts of your in-house teams

    Pay-as-you-go pricing to help you keep operations cost low, and revenues high

    Why Choose Managed Meat?

    Optimise your meat export supply chain with an industry leading export software suite, and the unmatched expertise of a dedicated team of export professionals.

    Expert Teams

    Expert Professionals

    Years of experience in handling different aspects of international trade management, especially meat export supply chains, ensures that we manage the show efficiently, and with optimal budgets.

    Regulatory compliance

    Guaranteed Compliance

    In-depth industry knowledge and experience ensures that all your documentation is 100% compliant. Hence, reduced risk of errors, delays and penalties.

    Save Money

    Increased Savings

    Digitised, automated processes bring down operational costs across the supply chain. You can bring down your shipment processing time from 4 hours to 45 minutes, saving time and resource investment.


    Complete Visibility

    Centralised, cloud-based solution gives all stakeholders access to up-to-date information and reporting on every aspect of the export supply chain and shipment status.

    Personalised Service

    Personalised Service

    From your standard Health/Halal Certificates, Certificates of Origin, Documents against Letters of Credit etc, to any other special documentation, we’ll handle everything your business needs.


    Confidential and Secure

    Backed with SSL and data encryption, your data is secure in our data center. With a written agreement backed by our Professional Indemnity insurance, your business is in safe hands.

    Enabling Growth for Endeavour Meats

    Endeavour Meats’ wanted to start out fast and quickly scale up operations. With ImpexDocs digitizing and automating a significant portion of their meat export supply chain, they achieved:
    • 270+ Shipments managed in just 6 months, with a 3-member export team
    • 75% Savings on systems and tools used for export process management
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