Logistics Business Process Outsourcing

    High-quality, scalable, cost efficient solutions for end-to-end logistics requirements

    Logistics Business Process Outsourcing

    Logistics and Shipping Isn’t Easy

    You know your logistics processes can be more streamlined and efficient, but your in-house team can only handle so much, and trips up when it comes to scaling operations.

    Time Intensive

    Inefficient Processes

    Multiple teams handling different different tasks means you do not have a holistic view of your end-to-end logistics process. And that leads to inefficiencies like missed timelines, non-compliant documents, or error-filled data entries.

    High Cost of EDN

    High Cost of Operations

    Slow turn-around time on repetitive logistics tasks. Hiring and training a team of professionals. Delays caused by faulty data entries. All of these add up to low shipment volumes, low efficiency and high costs across the entire supply chain.

    Reduced Focus on Growth

    Low Focus on Growth

    Simply managing the supply chain and ensuring that things run on-time and on-budget can take up all your energy. Caught up in everyday hassles of ensuring smooth execution of logistics processes, you don’t have time to invest in strategic thinking for your business.

    Logistics, Handled by Experts

    ImpexDocs’ Logistics Business Process Outsourcing services are designed to get your business ready for scale. While you focus on strategic growth, our teams ensure that your backend supply chain processes are equipped to deliver on that vision.

    logistics process outsourcing

    Outsource Repetitive Logistic Tasks

    Free up your resources for more value-added tasks, and have a dedicated team of export professionals take over critical but repetitive logistics tasks like:

    Data entry for purchase order, freight bill, driver logs, and customs brokerage business

    Invoice generation and processing

    Freight bill processing

    Bill of lading verification

    logistics process outsourcing optimized

    Optimized Logistics Process Management

    Get an expert team to help manage and optimize your logistics process, especially ones that are time consuming and need in-depth industry knowledge. This include:

    Contract and rate management

    Dispute settlement

    Overcharge evaluation

    This ensures that you are not losing money on inefficiencies or faulty billing.

    Logistics process outsourcing flexible

    Flexible Engagement

    With ImpexDocs, you get an experienced logistics team that can engage with your in-house teams through diverse engagement models that suit your needs and budget:

    Dedicated team to manage the complete logistics supply chain

    Low-investment engagement where we take up only certain portions of the logistics processes

    Per-transaction engagement and pricing

    Why Outsource Logistics Processes?

    Optimise your meat export supply chain with an industry leading export software suite, and the unmatched expertise of a dedicated team of export professionals.


    Scale Up Faster

    Scale up your business with an experienced team that can raise productivity, speed up the supply chain, and deliver accurate work across a range of complex but repetitive logistics processes.

    Expert Teams

    Expert Professionals

    15+ years of experience in handling different aspects of international trade management ensures that we are well-versed with a range of logistics tasks, and can ensure speed and efficiency of processes.

    Regulatory compliance

    Guaranteed Compliance

    In-depth industry knowledge and experience ensures that all your documentation is 100% compliant. Hence, reduced risk of errors, delays and penalties.

    Save Money

    Increased Savings

    Drive upto 45% cost reductions with efficient and compliant logistics processes, as well as cost savings on hiring and training staff for high quality logistics operations.

    Personalised Service

    Personalised Service

    Dedicated teams that understand your business requirements in and out, to be able to leverage optimal cost-saving opportunities while ensuring on-budget, on-time deliveries.


    Confidential and Secure

    Backed with SSL and data encryption, your data is secure in our data center. With a written agreement backed by our Professional Indemnity insurance, your business is in safe hands.

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