View global vessel schedules, manage and compare rates, select and book containers instantly. A hassle-free shipping experience at optimal cost.


    Still Comparing Rates Manually?

    Manually calling various freight providers, comparing rates, transit times and vessel schedules? It’s complex, time consuming and inefficient. As your number of shipments increase, you’re set to run into these challenges

    Slow EDN Turnaround

    Tedious Comparisons

    You spend a lot of time finding and comparing rates and matching vessel timings from a huge range of carriers/freight forwarders. And it’s a long time before you find one that meets your requirements.

    High Cost of EDN

    High Shipping Costs

    Because comparing rates across multiple shipping lines is tedious, you run the risk of missing out on some favourable rates. And end up spending more on shipping than required, hurting your bottomline.

    Statutory Warning

    Error-Prone Documentation

    Filling out numerous booking requests manually, and then waiting around for confirmations is stressful, and slow work. And with re-keying information across multiple forms, errors are bound to happen.

    Click Out of Complexity with ImpexBooking

    Freight booking should be no more difficult than booking a flight for your next vacation. And with ImpexBooking that’s exactly how simple it is.

    Set Your Own Rates

    Set Your Own Rates

    Get the flexibility to share and manage shipping rates:

    Upload your own rates

    Search across our database to find suitable rates

    Send rate requests to different freight providers

    Book Your Best Fit

    Book Your Best Fit

    Search global vessel schedules across all major shipping lines and

    Compare against your own or forwarder rates

    Choose the one that best matches your delivery and budget requirements

    Send booking requests to chosen carriers and receive confirmations, online

    Track Your Shipments

    Track Your Shipments

    Get complete visibility into your shipping process:

    Track your shipment from start to finish, in real time

    View status of all bookings, independent of carrier, on a single dashboard

    Why Choose ImpexBooking?

    Faster Turnaround Time

    Speed Up Your Export Supply Chain

    Search and compare freight services from multiple providers, share rates, get quotes and booking confirmations - all within minutes. Simplified freight bookings means no more delays in delivery

    Save Money

    Reduce Shipping Costs

    Get shipping rates and transit times from numerous providers on a single window. Compare them faster and better, so you choose the one that’s exactly right for you. Also share your own rates and find providers that are willing to work with that.


    Optimize Supply Chain Management

    From booking, to documentation, to shipment tracking - manage everything on a single dashboard. Use as a standalone module, or integrate with the complete ImpexDocs software suite for end-to-end supply chain management.

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