Managed Services

    Your very own, dedicated Export Department to meet your end-to-end global trade management needs

    Managed Services

    Global Trade Management Challenges?

    Managing your global trade and export supply can get really complex, really fast. And wanting to do it all in-house can add up to a set of key challenges.


    Siloed, Inefficient Processes

    Manual operations, coupled with fragmented processes handled by different individuals means you do not have a holistic view of your export supply chain. And that leads to inefficiencies like missed timelines, non-compliant documents, or sub-optimal contract allocations.

    High Cost of Operations

    High Cost of Operations

    Time-consuming and error-prone manual processes. Hiring and training a team of export professionals. Delays caused by faulty documentation. All of these add up to low shipment volumes, low efficiency and high costs across the export supply chain.

    Reduced Focus on Growth

    Reduced Focus on Growth

    Simply managing the export supply chain and ensuring that things run on-time and on-budget can take up all your energy. Caught up in everyday hassles of ensuring smooth execution of export supply chain, you don’t have time to invest in strategic thinking for your business.

    Export Documentation & Compliance, Managed by Experts

    Outsource your global trade management to expert professionals. Get comprehensive international trade management services, tailor-made for your business requirements. Focus on your business growth, while a dedicated team of experts, aided by a robust trade management platform, takes care of your complete export processes.  The Managed Services team can take over and execute documentation for each stage of your shipment. Managed Documentation Services
    Compliant Export Documents

    Timely, Accurate, Compliant Export Documents

    We collaborate with all your stakeholders--packers, forwarders, banks, dispatch people, carriers, and other regulatory agencies to prepare all necessary documents, permits and approvals in advance. Our well-established processes and robust industry networks ensure that your export supply chain works without any delays or roadblocks. With accurate, 100% compliant documentation in place, your shipments are always on time.

    Transparent Processes

    Transparent Processes, Increased Visibility & Control

    The managed services team is aided by our robust, cloud-based international trade management software. This gives you a single, centralised dashboard to help keep track of all documentation and shipment status, at all times. It also gives you the flexibility to download these documents as and when required.

    Flexible, Customisable Engagement

    Flexible, Customisable Engagement

    Whether it’s obtaining just a single type of document, or managing your entire export supply chain, we offer solutions based on your exact requirements. The managed services team acts as your dedicated back office export department. We can also augment your existing export department during peak periods, to enable seamless scaling up of your resources.

    Why Opt for Managed Service?

    ImpexDocs managed services are designed to seamlessly plug into your business, and act as your back office team. They can take up as much or as little of your global trade management as you want, giving you more time to focus on strategic objectives.

    Expert Teams

    Expert Professionals

    Years of experience in handling different aspects of international trade management ensures that we manage the show efficiently, and with optimal budgets.

    Regulatory compliance

    Guaranteed Compliance

    In-depth industry knowledge and experience ensures that all your documentation is 100% compliant. Hence, reduced risk of errors, delays and penalties.

    Personalised Service

    Personalised Service

    From your standard Health/Phytosanitary Certificates, Certificates of Origin, Documents against Letters of Credit etc, to any other special documentation, we’ll handle everything your business needs.

    Account Manger

    Dedicated Teams

    With a dedicated success manager, and email, chat and call support, you can rest assured that your trade processes are executed seamlessly, round the clock.

    Simplified Requests

    Simplified Requests

    Just submit an online form with details about your exports. Our team of professionals can then take care of everything else--from processing documents to corresponding with concerned authorities.


    Confidentiality and Security

    Backed with SSL and data encryption, your data is secure in our data center. With a written agreement backed by our Professional Indemnity insurance, your business is in safe hands.

    Global Trade Management for Leading Australian Agricultural Exporter

    With unmatched industry knowledge and streamlined export processes, the ImpexDocs managed services team took over end-to-end trade supply chain management for an agricultural export business. Handling contracts, booking, shipping, documentation and more, they delivered:
    • Efficient, optimized, compliant export supply chain processes
    • 61% savings on annual operations cost
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    What Our Clients Say

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We offer a tailored service to obtain any or all of the following:

    • Complete set of Export Documents as required by the customer under Letters of Credit/ Document Against Payment/Acceptance and other terms
    • Co-ordination with Shipping line/Forwarder, Packer, Govt Agencies, Banks etc.
    • Export Declaration Numbers (EDN) (specific to Australia)
    • Submission of Pre-Receival Advice (PRA) (specific to Australia)
    • Request for Permit (RFP) and Health/Phytosanitary Certificates from Department of Agriculture for all commodities (Dairy, Grain, Horticulture, Seafood, Meat, Inedible Meat, Eggs, Wool, Skin & Hides) (specific to Australia)
    • Any other specific export documents such as Health/Halal Certificate, Special Declarations etc. as required by the customer
    • All types of Certificates of Origin (COO) from any chamber of Commerce across Australia including FTA certificates such as CHAFTA, KAFTA, AANZFTA, JAEPA, TAFTA etc.
    • Document legalization and dispatch Buyer/Bank on customers instructions
    • Management reporting

    The team has collective experience of over 20 years in dealing with Exporter related transactions, Letters of credit etc. with a network of contacts with various supply chain participants to co-ordinate the work and ensure timely completion.

    Yes, this service is highly flexible. It can be individual shipment based, season based or any other model as per customer requirements.

    We have a flexible engagement model. Managed services are charged based on the work involved. It can be per shipment basis, per month basis or any other arrangement as agreed upon with the customer.

    Yes. We map out the process steps and work collaboratively with the in-house team to complete shipments in a time bound manner.

    Yes. The Managed Services team follows the security protocols and processes of an organisation. Many times the Managed Services processes are more stringent than the in-house operations. We can also enter into suitable Non-Disclosure Agreements with the customers. More information can be provided upon request. 

    Quality Policy

    ImpexDocs has the vision to be a leading Global Trade Management Services provider of choice, offering a seamless service solution for Cargo Owners.

    ImpexDocs aims to continuously improve its effectiveness through the implementation and maintenance of quality systems. The improvement is to be measured against objectives that are defined at all levels of the organization.

    ImpexDocs is committed to meeting or exceeding our customer’s expectations by providing services that enables Cargo owners to trade more efficiently, more compliantly and cost effectively.

    Our aim is to be a customer’s first choice by providing greater than 95% customer satisfactions on delivery and always providing efficient solutions via budgeted cost management by our commitment to improve the effectiveness through a robust Quality Management System.

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