Dearin & Associates

International Business Accelerator

Dearin & Associates is an international business consulting company that helps clients to access opportunities in fast-growing international markets.

Their special focus is to speed up and de-risk the international expansion process for micro-to-medium sized companies and to help them get their products and services to the world.

Dearin & Associates offers a structured International Business Accelerator program that helps micro-to-medium sized companies to speed up and de-risk the international expansion process, so that they can get their products and services to the world.


Department of Agriculture

The Department of Agriculture aims to enhance the sustainability, profitability and competitiveness of Australia’s agriculture, food, fisheries and forestry industries. It helps protect Australia’s agriculture, food, fisheries and forestry industries by providing quarantine and inspection services and export certification that maintains Australia’s favourable pest and disease status

ImpexDocs is registered as an EXDOC software supplier with the Department for all the commodities covered by EXDOC.


Australian Customs Service (ACS)

ImpexDocs is registered with Australian Customs Service (ACS) as a software developer. It has worked with Australian Customs to develop suitable solutions for Australian exporters during the Cargo Management Re-engineering (CMR) project.


eCertify Pty Ltd

eCertify gives exporters and freight forwarders an ability to send and receive certified Certificates of Origin and related documents electronically, from Chambers of Commerce or Authorising Body. An approved certificate is returned by email in minutes. Printing need only be performed if required, eliminating the need to keep physical copies.

ImpexDocs is an accredited vendor of eCertify and has integrated its software which enables exporters and freight forwarders to submit Certificates of Origin and related documents to a Chamber of Commerce without the need for re-keying information.


ECFY Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

WebXpress offers supply chain and logistics technology software solutions in the area of Transport Management, Fleet Management, E-commerce Logistics Solutions and Warehouse Management. It combines Cloud + Mobile + Analytics to offer Real Time Intelligence to over 60 companies and 10,000 plus users everyday in India and other countries in South, South East Asia and the Middle East.


Ocean Trade Line

Ocean Trade Line provides end to end logistics and freight forwarding solutions. It provides an integrated international logistics service to Australian importers and exporters.

INTTRA is the largest neutral electronic transaction platform, software and information provider at the centre of the ocean shipping industry.Connecting with more than 50 leading Carriers and 120 software alliance partners, INTTRA streamlines the ocean trade process. Over 700,000 container orders are initiated on the INTTRA platform each week, representing over one quarter of global ocean container trade.

ImpexDocs is an alliance partner with INTTRA.

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