ImpexDocs solves the Challenges of a complex International Trade regime

International trade is complex and difficult to manage. It involves a number of documents, permits, approvals and co-operation of trading partners and associated service providers to move goods and documents from the exporter to the importer.

Most of the export documentation is currently paper-based which results in significant impediments to the efficiency of the overall export process.

ImpexDocs has the answer

ImpexDocs has the answer

ImpexDocs provides a comprehensive Export Business Solution comprising of Consulting, Software Applications, and Services to the exporting community. 

The substantial experience gained by the ImpexDocs team from working in international trade across many varied industries is reflected in its products and services. It allows companies to automate and manage the complexity of their global trade and logistic processes

Implementing the ImpexDocs solution helps to:

  • Reduce documentation costs
  • Improve data integrity
  • Minimize costly mistakes
  • Increase efficiencies and save time
  • Streamline procedures
  • Comply with regulatory requirements
Modular & Customizable Cloud Based Solutions

Modular & Customizable Cloud Based Solutions

ImpexDocs platform can accessed over the internet. There is no software to install and works on all popular internet browsers. The products are modular in nature and can be used as standalone or as an integrated bundle to form a seamless end-to-end solution to streamline exporter’s documentation and regulatory approval needs.
The solution can be customized for different industry sectors and is scalable to cater to the varying needs of exporter’s right from small exporters up to large multi-user/multi-site enterprises.

Complete Service

Complete Service

ImpexDocs offers a complete set of services and support around the solution including business process review, installation, training and post implementation support. In addition, it also offers an Agency Service where exporters can outsource their Export Documentation to ImpexDocs.

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