Certificates of Origin

Save Time & Money

Submit Certificates of Origin for Stamping to any Chamber of Commerce across Australia and obtain quick responses. Eliminates courier/postage charges and wait time as certificates can be printed at own premises. 


Completely Cloud based

ImpexCOO can be accessed over the internet. There is no software to install. Works on all popular internet browsers. It is a simple and cost-effective web based application that enables successful transmission and receipt of stamped Certificate of Origin documents from various chambers of commerce over the internet.

All Types of Certificates Covered

The software can deal with all types of certificates such as

  • Certificate of Australian Origin
  • Certified Declaration of Origin
  • Any other custom certification requirement

All Chambers of Commerce Covered

Documents can be submitted to all leading Chambers of Commerce located across Australia such as:

  • Australian Business Chamber
  • Chambers of Commerce located in any Australian state such as Victoria/Queensland/WA/SA/Tasmania etc.
  • Arab Chamber of Commerce etc.

Use Integrated or as Standalone

The application can either be integrated with the other ImpexDocs software or used as a standalone module. Integrating the software eliminates duplicate data entry, minimizes human errors and speeds up the documentation process. 

Benefits of using the Electronic web-based ImpexCOO application include:

  • Faster turnaround time as Electronic messaging and elimination of manual processes results in message status updates in minutes
  • Reduced Messaging Costs & Errors to lessen the chance of a hold up in export clearance and inspection
  • Secure Electronic Message Transfer over the internet using industry standard encryption technology
  • User friendly tool allows you to copy previous messages and lodge new requests in minutes
  • Up-to-date reporting on the message status
  • Certificate printing at Exporter’s premises eliminates courier/postage charges and wait time. 
  • Anywhere/Anytime/Any Device Access- Being a web-based software it can be accessed at any time/place and on any device
  • A fully supported and managed service that assures high standards of service, reliability and the best customer support when you need it most
  • Multiuser Access– Multiple users can login to the application and can submit/review messages
  • ImpexCOO works right out of your web browser, without the need for expensive additional software

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