Enabling successful transmission and receipt of Pre-Receival Advice, for timely acceptance of your cargo


    Tired Of Filling Long Forms?

    A seamless flow of information through correct communication channels is crucial for PRA clearance. But depending on manual processes can leave your shipments vulnerable to complications and delays.

    Time Intensive

    Time Intensive Process

    A PRA submission involves filling a lot of details about the shipment - container number, type, weight etc. Manual entry of this information, one container at a time, slows down your shipment processing speed.


    Delays and Losses

    Missing a PRA or delaying to do a PRA can cause the transport provider to miss their terminal slot leading to delays and penalties. And if you are dealing in perishables, that can mean a loss of revenue.


    Errors and Penalties

    Your PRA submission needs to include the correct information on container, seal number, ISO type, EDN, VGM etc. Any mistakes in messaging leads to additional costs charged by shipping lines and terminals.

    On-time Container Acceptance with ImpexPRA

    ImpexPRA enables you to electronically transmit pre-receival advice (PRA) messages to stevedores, and receive quick and timely acceptance of your cargo.

    Pre-Receival Advice

    Timely Transmission of PRA Messages

    Send Details to All Terminals
    Send messages to all terminals in Australia including Flinders Terminal, Adelaide

    Bulk Messaging
    Send messages for multiple containers together rather than one container at a time.

    Lower Ongoing Costs
    Reduce your ongoing PRA software cost using our flexible pricing models - pay as you go or annual pricing options

    pre-receival advice

    Digitised, Web-Based Solution

    Status Tracking
    Receive messages and status updates in real-time, by secure electronic messaging using industry-standard SSL technology.

    User Friendly
    Easy-to-use web application, accessible from any web browser, no software installation required. Multiple authorised users can copy previous messages and lodge new requests in minutes.

    Use Integrated or Standalone
    Integrate with other ImpexDocs solutions or use it as a standalone module. The integration enables exporters to streamline and access all their documentation online seamlessly

    Why Opt for ImpexPRA?

    Speed up your PRA submission and receival, and never have a shipment waiting at the docks.

    On-time Shipments

    On-Time Shipments

    Online PRA submission and receival means zero wait times for your shipments. No delays, on-time shipments, and happy customers.

    Save Money

    Increased Savings

    100% compliant PRA documentation mean you save on non-compliance penalties, and avoid losses caused by delayed shipments or damaged goods.

    Enhanced Support

    Enhanced Support

    The ImpexDocs team assures high standards of service, reliability, and customer support for your trade processes.

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