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Once you learn how to get an export declaration number (EDN), you can lodge export declarations electronically using EXDOC software. The main advantage of this procedure is that you would receive the EDN within minutes and without the need of producing any digital certificate to the customs. During the process, the exporters may see one of the many export declaration statuses, each signifying a different situation. Find out the meaning of these statuses to initiate the required action.

This status implies that the export declaration has received validation and been processed and authority has been allocated for the products declared by the exporter or his or her agent. The EDN carrying this particular status is regarded as a valid Customs Authority Number (CAN).

According to this status, the goods are included either in the main manifest or in a sub manifest and the Integrated Cargo System (ICS) considers them to have been exported. With this, the assigned authority to the goods gets expired.

This status appears when the goods mentioned in the export declaration don’t feature on a main or sub manifest or are still not released from the mentioned warehouse or if the mentioned Cargo Terminal Operator (CTO) doesn’t receive them within 10 days of the proposed export date.

During the processing of the export declaration, the ICS may find information that is either incorrect or incomplete. In such a case, the Error status is flaunted and no authority is allocated to the goods. The exporter then needs to amend the declaration or lodge a fresh one.

Consider a case when the goods have been exported, but the exporter tries to amend the declaration after that. In case the amended information contains an error, this status is shown, implying that the authority has already expired.

The export declaration form required a few mandatory pieces of information without which the export declaration number is not generated. If in case the mandatory information relates to the export permit, the declaration is processed but this status appears.

It is a special status when the destination country mentioned in the export declaration belongs to a particular group or is entitled to sanctions, bans and so on. To remove this status, the exporter must obtain the required export permission to that country.

The ICS flaunts this status if the declaration validation and processing are suspended for a specific period of time. The customs need to provide the exporter and the other concerned parties with the reason for the suspension.

In case the exporter lodge an application to withdraw the export declaration before the goods leave for shipping, the status shown is ‘Withdrawn’.

This status means that Customs and Border Protection has cancelled the assigned authority. Following it, the customs sends the reason and advice for further action to the exporter.

This status is applied if the declared goods are not exported within 30 days of the proposed date of export.

Please note that a cancelled or revoked authority can’t be reinstated.

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