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Exporting fresh fruits and vegetables to international locations near and far can be a big task. Due to the perishable nature of these goods, it is necessary that their quality is maintained throughout the supply chain. In addition, the exporters must provide the necessary certificates to validate the goods’ quality. So, a lot may depend on how effectively you prepare various documents involved in the international trade of horticulture consignments.

Undoubtedly, a software tool can play a key role in this direction. However, choosing the right kind of software can be a challenge, especially when there are so many vendors claiming to offer the best ones. If you are about to invest in software that addresses all your documentation needs, here are some tips to help you.

Australia-specific Internationally-compliant

While looking for software online, you may commit the mistake of picking up one that caters to export businesses in general. Consequently, the software might fail to meet the specific Australian export documentation requirements. There are many important software that you must obtain from the authorised bodies in the country to export horticulture items. At the same time, you also need to adhere to international standards while preparing various documents. Therefore, be careful in considering the tool which offers Australia-specific documentation formats that are accepted globally.

Meeting Importing Country Requirements

An important aspect of documentation for horticulture goods is that the exporter must precisely meet the requirements that the importing country prescribes. For example, an importer may demand that the exporter must provide a phytosanitary certificate which specifies that the export goods are free of infestations. For this, the exporter must apply with Australia’s Department of Agriculture.

So, the software you choose must be compliant with the EXDOC system of the Department. It would serve two purposes. First, it allows fast submission of request for permits. Second, it helps in obtaining the phytosanitary certificate in the accurate format.

Easy Shipping Booking

It may happen that you need to export an urgent consignment of horticulture goods. Unfortunately, you waste a lot of time filling in forms to request booking with various freight forwarders and shipping lines. As a result, your goods may suffer damage, leading to monetary losses as well as the loss of business reputation. By choosing the software which allows fast and easy booking, the situation is avoidable. It can help you compare rates from various providers, send quick booking requests and obtain confirmations online, leaving no scope for delays.

Obtaining Quick Cargo Clearance

Likewise, the software must shorten the time required to communicate with the stevedores over pre-receival advice. Once you obtain cargo acceptance from the terminal operator timely, you can dispatch the containers for the final loading. Additionally, there is an important point here that you can’t afford to miss.

For the personable items like fruits and vegetables, you must accurately specify in your documents the temperature they must be stored at in the vessel. Failing to do so may lead to damaged items which may cause rejection or penalties and severe business losses. The right kind of software would leave no room for mistakes in this regard.

Besides, the international trade software you choose should take care of other documents like sales/purchase orders, certificates of origin, packing lists, invoices etc. Also, it should fit your existing IT infrastructure, creating sync with the accounting, ERP and other systems. Reporting, shipping tracking and security are other important considerations.

Finally, you can count on a cloud solution for flexible documentation that can add a lot of advantages to your export processes. It can also save costs dramatically and add to the overall profits.

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