Pre-Receival Advice

Pre-Receival Advice (PRA) is a two-way communication between exporters and stevedores in which the former provides details about the containers to be shipped and the latter responds with cargo acceptance. Only then, the containers are dispatched to the terminal for loading into the aircraft/ship. At the very first thought, it appears to be a simple communication that can be accomplished conveniently. However, there are changes of roadblocks that may lead to delay/denial in consignment shipping. To avoid these circumstances, you need to know some very useful tips shared below.

Communication Channel
Gone are the days when manual submission of PRA was the only option available. It can be established using telephones and fax, though these too are the updated options in the modern digital space. One good communication channel is SMS while the even more effective one is email. These channels are fast and preferred by the terminal operators these days.

Another good idea is to use an export documentation tool which allows easy PRA communication in some easy steps. One great advantage of these tools is that you can maintain records of PRAs and use them every time you wish to start a new communication with the same terminal operator.

Choose Cloud
Sending PRA using a cloud-based solution is one of the most effective ways to achieve success. For this, you don’t need to install any specific software in your office computers. All you need to do is subscribe to a cloud export documentation software that can be accessed using all popular browsers and various devices.

The main advantage of using these solutions is that all types of export activities surpass the time and location constraints. You can send PRA even while sitting at home or while travelling and during any hour of the day.

Contact Details
As an exporter, it is expected from you to fill in the PRA details, including your contact information, correctly. It includes the name of the person authorized to manage the export activities in your company as well as the email address from where the communication would take place. Providing wrong information may not only lead to PRA rejection but can also result in penalties.

Correct Container Information
You would need to fill in a lot of details about the container, including container number, container type, gross weight and so on. Make sure that each of these pieces of information is filled correctly and cross-checked for any error before PRA submission. For example, spaces and dashes might not be permitted while indicating container number. Any inconsistency in this information can lead to PRA rejection.

Special Information
In case you are exporting delicate goods like fruits, it is important to provide information about the temperature that must be maintained throughout the shipment. Missing on these details may lead to damage to the goods on the way.

If your first Pre-Receival Advice gets rejected, you would need to resubmit it. Be sure to correct the errors in the second attempt. Remember that effective organization of information and correct communication channel are important for PRA clearance.

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