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Communicating with the stevedores is an important process to get cargo acceptance smoothly. Sadly, many exporters consider it an insignificant step and often face issues that can lead to delays and penalties. By selecting a good software or application to submit pre-receival advice (PRA), you can effectively deal with these issues. Find out how.

Slow Processing

While submitting a PRA, you must communicate a lot of information to the terminal operators. It includes container details as well as product details and much more. In case you prepare a PRA manually, you may be consuming a lot of time unnecessarily. Unfortunately, it may lead to a huge holdup that can be annoying for you as well as the stevedore. On the contrary, doing it with a software can serve two purposes:

  • Fast and automated information filling
  • Real-time status tracking through instant exchange of messages

So, you can easily enjoy dramatically reduced wait time which can increase the overall efficiency of your export business.

Human Errors

Needless to say, it is one common issue most exporters face while preparing export documents. Though it can be a serious issue at any stage in time, errors in submitting correct information via a PRA can be taxing. Consider that you are exporting fruits that need to be stored at a particular temperature during shipment. If you fail to communicate the desired temperature range to the terminal operator, you can imagine the losses if your consignment is not stored appropriately.

With the help of software, you can be certain about the accuracy of the information being submitted. This can help you save penalties as well as your business’s reputation and also allow you to stay complied with the set regulations.


The use of export software can help you save costs dramatically. Apart from sending multiple messages at a time, you can enjoy flexible prices if you choose the software wisely. For example, you can choose the one that allows you to choose between pay as per your needs or annual pricing plans.

So, the next time you submit a PRA, do it electronically to get in return the desired benefits of time-saving, cost-saving, and improved efficiency.

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