Export Documentation Challenges

Managing an export export procedure and documentation is no walk in the park. 

Did you know that for one single shipment, your export documentation officer has to process as many as 40 export-related documents with 200 data elements, with at least 60%-70% data re-typed at least 30 times!

Now imagine the scenario with multiple different shipments, say 10-200 per month, and how that may be impacting your work and team productivity. 

There are multiple documents – letter of credit, commercial invoice, packing list, phytosanitary certificate, Certificate of Origin, Bill of Lading – being prepared by different people, or stored in different systems. That makes it a nightmare for you to track down the status of any shipment independently, without having to involve people from the documentation team.

Your team is regularly fighting fires, getting frustrated and even fatigued because of laborious, repeated work. They jump from screen to screen, deal with different authorities, and often end up making errors that can delay shipments and increase costs. Not to mention the unhappy customers and the risk of losing business.

Do you find these relatable? Then we’ve got more news.

You’re actually overspending on manually executing export procedure and documentation , while missing out on optimising and streamlining it.

So, how much are you overspending?

With your current documentation management processes, as inefficient as they are, it’s costing you at least 4 hours per shipment. Multiply that with the number of shipments a month. 80 hours if you deal with 20 shipments, that’s roughly 53% of 1 FTE spent only on documentation processing

For every time a shipment is delayed due to errors in documents, it costs you between AU$ 500-1,000 for every container. So even if you delay only 2 shipments of 1 container a month, you roughly spend between AU$ 12,000 to 24,000 a year!

Add to that the charges put by chamber of commerce for each error in the documentation. It’s $50 per document, so for 5 such errors in a month, the cost is AU$ 3,000 annually. 

Factor in the time spent on coordination with external parties, delayed payments, missed communication, cost of penalties, staff fatigue, compliance issues, and the top most problem – unhappy customers. 

Eliminate all of this and imagine the time and cost savings possible! Actually, why don’t you just calculate it right away?

calculate savings

Save time and money with ImpexDocs

ImpexDocs is a cloud-based export procedure and documentation software that streamlines and manages complex trade logistics as well as your compliance requirements. What this means:

    • Reduced errors – Since documentation is no longer manual, chances of human errors are simply nullified, thus minimising possible delays, money losses etc.
    • High flexibility – Using a cloud based software lets you save all trade related information, and access them anytime, from anywhere.
    • Saves time – With this tool, the tedious task of manually filling out the forms, proofreading, and acquiring certificates from concerned departments are all cut down. This speeds up the documentation process, leading to timely sending of consignments.
    • Improved communication – Communication with the certificate-granting authorities and other stakeholders becomes smooth as you can send documents electronically, and exchange messages online, making the entire process more productive.
    • Status monitoring – You can keep track of the export documentation and processes with ease using the ImpexDocs software.
    • Better data management and reporting – This cloud based export software ensures data storage centrally for easy access, and further analysis.

All said and done, ImpexDocs is an optimised and effective solutions to manage your export procedure and documentation. And brings huge cost and time savings to your business. 

Just how much, find out using the ImpexDocs savings calculator.

Calculate your savings on export process documentation

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