Exporters, your bottomline is already taking a hit. Do you know by how much?

  • Manual export documentation processes, on average, cost you 4 hours per shipment.
  • Per shipment, 200 data points are entered, 30 of which are repeated at least 30 times!
  • On average, 20% of shipments require documentation rework due to human error.

What if you could give your teams a streamlined faster way to do this? How much can you save on your export documentation process?

Use the ImpexDocs savings calculator to find out now!

Saving Big With ImpexDocs

ImpexDocs does the heavy lifting on your export documentation process to streamline and manage complex trade logistics and compliance requirements.

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From Manual to Impexdocs - See the Bottomline Impact

Breakdown of your potential savings with ImpexDocs

Total Potential Savings per Year


Weekly Savings

Document processing hours saved per week hours
Document processing costs saved per week AU$
Certificates preparation cost saved per week AU$

Annual Savings

Document processing hours saved per year hours
Document processing costs saved per year AU$
Certificates preparation cost saved per year AU$

*In case you are using any trade execution software like ImpexDocs or any other simliar software, the results here may not be an accurate representation of your savings.

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How we arrived at the above numbers? Below are our assumptions:

Primary documentation hours per shipment 3 hours
With impexdocs, percentage of time saved in primary documentation hours per shipment 75%
Percentage of all shipments requiring documentation rework 20%
Documentation rework hours per shipment 1 hour
Hourly labour costs AUD 40
Cost of outsourcing compliance certificates per shipment  AUD 100

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