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When export documentation software solutions were introduced, the exporters found great relief from the error-prone time-consuming manual paper-based documentation process. And then came the age of cloud-based export documentation which further made the task even easier. If you are planning a switch to the cloud for preparing export documents, here’s a brief overview of how you would be using it.

No Installation Solution

The first step is to subscribe to a cloud-based solution that requires no installation at your office premises. You would be accessing the software online using a supported web browser or a compatible device that can be a desktop, laptop or tablet. It eliminates the need for future upgrading of the software.

Switching to the Cloud

The next step is to make all important preparations for a complete switch to the cloud environment. For this, you would need to:

  • Transfer all your export-related data to the cloud. There, the data would be stored on a secure server that would be accessible anytime you wish to use it.
  • Find out all important templates required to create important documents like certificates of origin, health/phytosanitary certificates, etc.
  • Get trained or train your staff members to use the software effectively.

The Software’s Real Task

The EXDOC export documentation software would interface with various certificate-issuing authorities like:

  • Department of Agriculture for the request for a permit and health/phytosanitary certificate
  • Customs for export declaration number
  • Chambers of Commerce for certificates of origin

Whenever the exporter needs a document, he or she won’t need to enter the data again, unlike what happens in the manual documentation process. The software would automatically copy data from the database and previous forms like invoices, packing lists, purchase orders, and more. This not only saves time to accelerate the documentation process but also eliminates the chances of errors, data redundancies, and inconsistencies.

In addition, the software also helps to prepare documents like commercial invoices, letters of credit, packing lists, etc. much faster than before. The conclusion is that you can completely rely on a cloud-based export documentation software solution for all types of export consignments.

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