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The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR), Australia uses to help exporters prepare necessary documents required for the export purposes. If you want to generate Request for Permits and Health/Phytosanitary Certificates, you must register in as an EDI user. For this, you would require to buy an export documentation software package to interface with the The Department lists some of the reliable and accredited software vendors/suppliers and you can choose one from the list.

In addition, the Department also provides guidelines and considerations to help you buy the right software. The following discussion aims to familiarize you with them in a simple language.
Things You Would Require

In order to use interface software, you need to have:

  • One or more personal computers. There are software providers who offer cloud-based software solutions for which you don’t essentially need to use a computer. You can access these solutions using portable devices like laptops and tablets. It makes the process of export documentation preparation much master, convenient and flexible. Not only that, you would be saved from bearing the expenses of installing a software at your premises.
  • Internet connection
  • Email ID
  • Printer (must be a duplex printer that can receive HP LaserJet 4-PCL 4 language or higher versions).
  • DAWR’s security papers for printing the documents

You must note that having a printer at your premises would save you cost and time. Rather than visiting a Department of Agriculture and Water Resources office or branch in your area to obtain the issued documents, you can print them right in your office at any point of time. Make sure that you have the prescribed security papers for the commodity (grains, plants, fish, dairy products, wool/skin etc.) you wish to export.

Considerations to Buy an Interface Software

  • Standalone/networked System: Tell a software provider whether you want to install the software on one PC or more. If you want more PCs to have the software, you must ask for a networked arrangement. However, with a cloud-based solution, you don’t need to have any onsite installations.
  • Software Upgrades: Ask your software provider how the software package would be upgraded in the future. What costs would be involved in the upgrading process? Again, if you choose a cloud interface software, you don’t need to worry about the upgrades as the software would be upgraded automatically.
  • ICS Linking: Does your software provider offer linking the DAWR’s and the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s ICS (Integrated Cargo System)? You need to contact the ICS to obtain Export Declaration Number. However, using a Single Electronic Window (SEW) facility, you can save time and cost in obtaining the number as well as the certificates from the DAWR simultaneously. Make sure your software provider offers SEW facility.

You can visit the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources’ official website to find the list of the accredited software providers from different cities and states. Compare the software packages and services to choose the best option.

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