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Booking your consignment a space on a ship or an airplane for export to a foreign country is one of the important tasks of the entire supply chain management. If it goes wrong, all your efforts may go in vain and it may cost your business a loss of profits and clients. But, what may go wrong in the freight booking process that looks pretty straightforward? Undoubtedly, a lot! Let’s find out!

Not Able to Find the Best Quote

Because of the unlimited resources and your business’s outdated means to contact different shipping lines, you may have fewer quotes in hand to compare. Consequently, the chances are high that you may regret later spending unnecessarily on cargo shipping that could have been done in your preferred budget. So, it is important that you receive quotes from different service providers and compare them to strike the best possible deal.

Spending a Lot of Time on Booking

Imagine that you receive quotes from the top freight services in the region. Now, comparing their costs as well as schedules to pick up the most favorable one can be time-consuming, if you do it manually. Either you do it much in advance or find some modern alternative to do it quickly and for the best results.

Documentation Can Be Stressful

In addition to finding the right service, preparing documents for booking can again consume a lot of time. Also, many exporters agree that their export documentation process is highly prone to human errors which add to delays in booking confirmations. One solution to simplify documentation is booking freight online using a good software tool. It reduces time and errors and brings in the advantage of centralized information storage.

Old Means of Tracking

Just like they stick to the traditional means of booking freights, exporters also use old ways to track their shipments. On the contrary, those using freight booking software can enjoy advantages like instant status booking and real-time freight tracking. It may address a lot of issues and concerns.

In conclusion, your business needs a complete software solution that aids everything from booking to managing freights. It may also let you manage other export documents and activities with ease.

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