Export Declaration Number

The exporters preparing to export their first consignment may need to obtain customs clearance. An important part of the process is obtaining the EDN. What is an EDN (Export Declaration Number)? How to apply for it? What are its uses? Find out answers to each of these questions below.

Introduction to EDN [Export Declaration Number]

An EDN is a number which is nine alphanumeric characters long and issued by the Australian Customs (Australian Border Force) in exchange for the information that an exporter shares with them. Most of the export goods leaving Australia must carry an EDN for various purposes at a number of stages.

How to Apply for an EDN [Export Declaration Number]?

In order to obtain and EDN (Export Declaration Number), an exporter (or an exporter’s agent) must lodge an export declaration with the Customs using the prescribed format. The two ways to lodge the declaration include:

  • Manually: The document is prepared manually and submitted at one of the counters of the Customers.
  • Electronically (recommended): The Australian Customs operates an electronic service called the Integrated Cargo System (ICS) which makes it convenient for the exporters to lodge the export declarations right from their offices. It not only saves time and effort but also costs less and has fewer chances of errors.

In the export declaration, the exporter must provide information about the consigner, consignee and consignment. It must be noted that multiple export declarations must be lodged if there is one consignor (exporter) but multiple consignees (importers). If the Customs find the information correct and without any errors, the EDN is issued. If there is some error, the exporter must re-lodge the declaration after corrections.

How Is EDN [Export Declaration Number] Useful?

An EDN is useful at many points during the export process. Some of its uses include:

  • Identification of individual export consignments included in one consolidated consignment
  • Acknowledgement of an exported consignment in an outward manifest
  • Notification of release or return of the goods from or to a warehouse
  • Notification of release or removal of goods from a wharf or airport

To obtain and EDN fast, make sure you learn how to lodge an export declaration electronically using the right kind of software.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q: Is an EDN mandatory for all export consignments?

A: Yes, most export goods leaving Australia require an EDN for documentation and tracking purposes.

Q: Can errors in the export declaration be corrected after submission?

A: Yes, exporters can rectify errors and resubmit the declaration for processing.

Q: Are there any advantages to electronically submitting export declarations?

A: Electronic submission offers convenience, cost savings, and reduced chances of errors compared to manual submission.

Q: What happens if multiple consignees are involved in a single export consignment?

A: In such cases, separate export declarations must be lodged for each consignee.

Q: How can exporters ensure a smooth EDN issuance process?

A: By providing accurate and complete information in the export declaration and leveraging electronic submission methods effectively.

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