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When you are getting ready to export your first consignment from Australia, an important part of export documentation would be to file an export declaration. So, what exactly it is and what you need to know in order to successfully lodge it? Find it out from the following important questions and their answers.

What Is the Export Declaration?

An export declaration is a statement that every exporter (or his or her agent) needs to file. Sharing important details about the consignments they are ready to export. This declaration is lodged to the Customs and Border Protection (also known as Australian Border Force) which is authorized to monitor and control the export of goods from the country.

What Does Export Declaration Include?

The declaration must share important details about the exporter (or the consignor), the importer (the consignee) and the consignment. The goods contained in the consignment must be classified as per the prescribed codes and the same must be presented in the declaration. In addition, it must also provide the intended export date as well as the details regarding the port of loading, the port of discharge and the destination port.

What Is the Importance of Export Declaration?

The customs must know what goods are being exported to ensure that the consignments don’t contain any prohibited goods. It also needs to ensure that the restricted goods are being exported only after obtaining the required certificates. Only then, it issues the export declaration number or EDN to the exporter. The number, of course, is an important entity that is quoted on various trade documents for the successful export and import.

Should It Be Filed for All Types of Goods?

The declaration must be essentially filed for the goods that require an export permit and the goods that are excisable. Also, the good with worth greater than AUD 2,000 require it. Some of the categories that are exempted from filing the declaration include pets, persona/household effects, domestic cargo and so on.

How Is It Filed?

The declaration is filed to the Integrated Cargo System (ICS) of the Australian Customs. Either electronically or manually (at one of the designated counters). It should be filed at least 6 months prior to the intended export date.

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