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The exporters today prefer to apply for various export documents online. Also, the document and certificate issuing authorities run online services and systems to aid this process. Among many important trade documents is the certificate of origin (COO) which allows advantages like reduced trade tariffs. If you are an exporter in Australia, you can indeed get an electronic certificate of origin with much ease. Here’s a guide to help you.

Is Electronic COO Different?

First of all, you must know that an electronic COO is the same as a conventional COO. In other words, it is used for the purposes like:

  • Obtaining preferential rate benefits as different Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) prescribe
  • Getting clearance from the Customs during the export
  • Meeting the requirements of the buyers or importers
  • Granting authorization to the bank for issuing a letter of credit and more

The only difference is in the way you obtain the COO electronically. Traditionally, you would visit the authorized body personally or send the certificate for stamping via post. On the other hand, you just need to send a soft copy of the certificate electronically to the issuer.

Who Is Authorized to Issue Electronic COO?

In Australia, all Chambers of Commerce have the authority to issue the COOs electronically. These include:

  • Victorian Chamber of Commerce
  • Chamber of Commerce & Industry Western Australia
  • New South Wales Business Chamber
  • Canberra Business Chamber
  • Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and others

Make sure that you contact the chamber specific to your region or state for this purpose. In addition, you can submit the certificate to the bodies authorized to stamp the COOs for specific goods. For example, to export wine, you can make a request electrically to the Australia Grape and Wine Authority.

Types of Electronic COOs

Similar to the paper-based process, you can obtain a variety of COOs electronically as well. For instance, you can follow the procedure for:

  • An Australian certificate of origin
  • ChAFTA (China-Australia FTA) COO
  • JAEPA (Japan-Australia FTA) COO
  • KAFTA (Korea-Australia FTA) COO
  • TAFTA (Thailand-Australia FTA) COO and so on

Besides, you can also obtain an electronic certified declaration of origin as well. It is a document required to certify the goods manufactured or produced outside Australia, but re-exported from Australia.

In addition, you can also request for:

  • Preferential COO: It is the certificate required for goods that are eligible to receive reduced tariffs or preferential rates as per the FTAs.
  • Non-preferential COO: The certificate certifies the origin of even those goods that are not eligible for reduced tariffs. Their purposes are usually to certify compliance with trade rules and act as evidence for issuing letters of credit.

What Do You Need?

In order to get a COO electronically, here are the preparations you need to make:

  • Register with a Chamber of Commerce by filling in the export information form (and attaching a list of signatories you wish to authorize for signing COOs in the future on behalf of your business).
  • Arrange different documents that act as evidence for the goods origin. These may include invoices, bill of lading and declarations.
  • Have a good internet access on devices (phones, laptops, computers) you would use for sending the certificate electronically.
  • Buy or subscribe to a good export documentation software to establish smooth communication with the certificate issuing bodies.
  • A printer at your premises to print the stamped COO instantly.

Also, you must refer to the website of the chamber of commerce you need to obtain the COO from. From there, you can follow the exact steps about how to get certificate of origin electronically.

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