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Uncertain global trade conditions, container roll-overs, changing vessel schedules, increasing freight costs, pressure on margins and complex export compliance requirements are affecting Australian exports industry.

Exporters are looking to make their shipment execution quicker and more cost effective. Exporters want to know as soon as there is a roll-over or a change in the vessel schedule and all available vessel options quickly at their fingertips. Exporters want to spend less time working through compliance hassles and to ensure that they have complete visibility and control over the shipment execution process.

ImpexDocs solves these problems by its software platform that enables exporters to make data-driven decisions faster by providing information quickly, reduce the cumbersome compliance and export documentation time and improve productivity to help exporters of all sizes to become agile even in the current uncertain global conditions.

ImpexDocs Software is a single unified platform to manage the entire export process right from sales, purchases, shipment bookings to export documentation, export compliance, monitor changes in vessel schedules with Australian ports, and even after a shipment is on the water, tracking it all the way to the destination.

Dealing with Uncertainties

There is a comprehensive toolset to deal with uncertain conditions and risks. Exporters are alerted as soon as the vessel schedule is changed at ports. Exporters can view global vessel schedules 24×7, find available options and electronically book vessels with shipping companies directly without depending on forwarders or without having to jump from one shipping line portal to another to understand options. Once the vessel has departed, the software provides shipment tracking till it reaches the destination port as well as provides the predicted estimated arrival time. There are control dashboards that help quickly monitoring the health of the export management process and intervene when required to ensure that the shipment goes on time and remains compliant.

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Reduced Labour Time and Costs

Export execution involves 70% of the same data being entered and processed in multiple documents, portals, and systems. It is a time-consuming and labour-oriented process. ImpexDocs solution encompasses digitisation of the end-to-end export process including sales, purchases, deal-sheets, making shipment bookings directly with global shipping companies, Health/ Phytosanitary Certificates from the Department of Agriculture, Foreign Exchange, Certificates of Origin from all the Australian Chambers of Commerce, exports declaration numbers from Australian customs, commercial export documents and pre-receival Advice.

The software suite allows easy integration with existing software systems to ensure that one piece of information is only entered once across the supply chain, eliminating duplications and minimising risk of erroneous data whist ramping up productivity and compliance.

All documents can be prepared and accessed over the internet. There is no software to install, and the software works on all popular internet browsers. Overall, the platform offers a high potential of reducing labour time and obtain significant cost savings.

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Improved Efficiency whilst Enabling Remote Work

When exporters use manual and disconnected systems, there is limited visibility on the status of the end-to-end shipment and exports process. The current Covid-19 pandemic is causing further difficulties for the management of the export execution process. With a cloud-based system, a user can log on anywhere – even from home and process shipments, supervisors and managers can see the exact status of the process at any point in time. This simplifies the process and can potentially deliver time and cost efficiencies and provide organisations better control whilst supporting remote work.

ImpexDocs is utilised by over 700 Australian organisations of all sizes including GrainCorp, Ingham’s, Blackmores, Pepsico, Metcash, Sunbeam, Kilcoy Global Foods, Endeavour Meats, and Greenham, DHL and Toll.

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