Business owners should invest in every technology-based tool that adds value to business activities. If you own an export business, what you definitely need is a software tool which helps in export documentation. While many exporters in Australia have recognized these tools as an important business investment, are you still looking for the advantages these offer? In that case, here is a complete summary of why an export document software is the need of the hour.

Easy Cloud Migration

Most of the popular documents generating software tools are cloud based. If you are still dependent on computers and servers installed in your premises, here’s how a cloud-based documentation preparing tool can help you:

  1. Securely save your export-related information on cloud. It ensures protection against natural as well as man-made disasters.
  2. Access the software anytime and from anywhere whenever you want to create documents.
  3. Save the cost of traditional documentation process as well as those associated with the conventional software tools.
  4. Print the documents generated by different departments remotely without having the need to visit any government offices.


Adhere to International Trade Norms

With pre-defined templates and norms that are according to the international trade laws, the electronic software tools for documentation can save your export business from non-compliance. For example, if you need to export plants or animals products from Australia, you need to known the importing country requirements and generate certificates like health certificate and phytosanitary certificate strictly according to the prescribed formats. A software tool would help you follow it religiously.

Also, the cloud-based software solutions would keep your export documentation up to date according to the changing trade laws and norms. You won’t need to refer to the concerned departments again and again and it would save a lot of labour for your staff.

Make Your Business More Efficient

The paper-based documentation process has been under criticism, especially when the technology-based tools have started addressing the associated concerns and drawbacks dramatically. Here are some ways in which these tools can introduce better efficiency to your business activities:

  • Avoid Errors: Errors in export documents is a common situation when documentation is done manually. Electronic EXDOC software solutions reduce the occurrence of these errors, saving you from all possible delays, money losses and more.
  • Save Time: While the manual documentation would take weeks to complete, electronic documentation can be accomplished within days or even hours. Saving time means that each of your consignments would be shipped on time without any delays.
  • Save Cost: By opting for electronic documentation, you can reduce the costs involved in generating different export documents and certificates. The reduction in postal and courier costs too add to this benefit.
  • Easy Communication: With an electronic software, you can interact with all certificate-granting authorities, like the Department of Agriculture, Australian Customs and Chambers of Commerce electronically. Also, you can forward the documents to importers, freight forwarders and other concerned parties.
  • Easy Tracking: You can track the export documentation activities with ease for the purpose of management reporting as well as for further improvements.


Moreover, you can choose customized export documentation software solutions that cater to your specific needs. In short, you can depend on these business tools for increased profits.

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