Export Dairy Products

Australia exports dairy products in a number of categories to many countries across the world. Like any other product, export of these products too needs to undergo a definite procedure. In this, export documentation plays the most important role. For example, you need to obtain certificates from the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, which is authorized to issue Health/Phytosanitary Certificate for export. Here’s a useful guide to help you get started.

Prescribed Vs Non-prescribed Products

Prescribed dairy goods include are those proposed for consumption by humans and in which dairy is the foremost ingredient. Some examples include butter, cheese, cream, milk powder, yogurt, and of course, milk. Non-prescribed dairy products include products obtained from cow for human consumption with dairy not as the main ingredient and those intended for animal consumption. These also include products like ice-cream, colostrums, custard and so on. It is also worth mentioning that products meant for export to New Zealand too belong to the non-prescribed goods category.

Documents You Need

First of all, you need an export permit for which you must raise the Request for Permit. For this, you need to contact the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. Please note that export permit and other documents are required only for the prescribed goods category. Next, you need to follow the Manual of Importing Country Requirements (MICoR) to understand the documentation requirements of the importing country. The manual provides detailed information about these requirements for:

  • Edible products (direct dairy products or dairy products that require further manufacturing or processing) intended for human consumption
  • Inedible products for humans
  • Technical products like dairy machinery
  • Pharmaceutical material and so on

For example, consider that you want to export milk powder to Algeria. According to MICoR, you must obtain EX314A health certificate for this. On the other hand, export of butter products would require EX314C health certificate. Export documentation software makes the task easier as it helps to obtain export permit and Health/Phytosanitary Certificates in one go, saving time and money. You must note that prescribed goods with quantities less than 10 kg or 10 l usually don’t require these certificates.

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