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An Australian certificate of origin testifies that the export goods from Australia originated (were manufactured or processed) in the country itself. Considering it as important and essentially required documentary evidence, here are the most frequently asked questions and answers about it.

What Are Its Types?

There are two types of COO – preferential and non-preferential. A preferential COO is required for sending goods to countries that are in free trade agreements with Australia. For example, to export goods to Korea, you need to obtain KAFTA Certificate of origin and JAEPA Certificate of origin to send goods to Japan. A non-preferential COO must be obtained to send goods to any country which is not in any FTA with Australia.

What Is Its Importance?

A certificate of origin is important in many ways, as it is:

  • Required at the destination port for customs clearance
  • Important for the importers (from the countries under free trade agreements with Australia) to enjoy preferential customs duties
  • Stipulated in the letter of credit

How Is It Useful for Exporters?

Apart from making Australian exporters eligible for exporting goods to various countries, it helps them to be more competitive than exporters from other countries. For example, if you wish to export goods to Thailand, your products would be in more demand, if you obtain a TAFTA certificate of origin, as compared to exporters from countries that are not in any FTA with Thailand.

Who Issues Certificate of Origin?

The various state and territory chambers of commerce are authorized to issue the COO. Some examples include:

  • New South Wales: NSW Business Chamber
  • Queensland: Queensland Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Victoria: Victoria Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • South Australia: Business SA
  • Western Australia: Chamber of Commerce and Industry Western Australia, Freemantle Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Bunbury Chamber of Commerce

The Australian-Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry issues COO in Queensland, Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales.

Is It Issued Only by Chambers of Commerce?

The Australian Industry Group also issues COO. In addition, the Australian Grape and Wine Authority issues COO for wine and wine-based products. You can obtain AANZFTA certificate of origin or any other COO online using an export documentation software.

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