Request for Permits

What is an RFP (Request for Permits)? The Export Control Act of 1982 in Australia instructs the exporters of commodities in categories like horticulture, dairy, meat, and fish to obtain an export permit. For this, they need to lodge a request for permits in the prescribed format with the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR). Here is a useful guide to help you understand the entire process.

How to Lodge RFP?

In order to make the process simpler and less time-consuming for the exporters. The DAWR operates an electronic system called EXDOC. There are two ways in which you can lodge RFP with the department:

  • To an AEPI (approved export permit issuer), or
  • Directly to a regional documentation team of the department

Now, who is an AEPI? An AEPI can be an exporter who is registered with the DAWR’s EXDOC system as an EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) user. To become an AEPI, you must submit the required application as well as a declaration of understanding.

If you don’t wish to obtain an AEPI status. You may lodge the RFP with a regional team of DAWR using software that is compatible with the EXDOC system. The DAWR maintains a list of authorized vendors from whom you can obtain one of these software systems.

Health/Phytosanitary Certificates

The process can also be used to obtain important export certificates like Health/Phytosanitary certificates along with the export permit. The DAWR controls the export of goods in categories like plants, plant products, animals, and animal products. The importing countries demand that Health/Phytosanitary certificates certify that these goods are free from pests. And infections must accompany the consignments. You can apply for these certificates through the EXDOC system after checking the importing country’s requirements to follow the exact formats.

It is important to know that before the export permit or any of the requested certificates are issued. The department would inspect the goods to be exported. For this, you must have a registered establishment of your own or you may take one on rent.

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