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Export documentation involves generating important certificates, permits and other important documents that ensure smooth transition of any export consignment. The exporters have been doing it since decades, though not without facing some very common issues. Why? The fault mainly lies in the traditional method of doing it. Usually, the exporters fail to calculate how these flaws in preparing documents lead to serious losses in terms of money, time and reputation.

On the other hand, there are exporters who identify these flaws and invest in the right solutions to overcome them. Find out how you may also follow the suit.

Information Mismanagement

Needless to say, preparing documents of any type requires access to a great volume of information. As an exporter, you need to store, retrieve, update and secure this information in an efficient manner. Any kind of mismanagement in that may lead to unpleasant results. The earlier system of maintaining and managing paper files only led to chaos.

With an electronic document management system, information handling becomes a child’s play. It allows fast access, secure storage and easy data updating which significantly reduces the time and labour.

Human Errors

To err is human. However, common errors in preparing documents may cause grave consequences in the form of penalties and rejections. Undoubtedly, the traditional method of filling a lot of forms and referring to different paper files for information is prone to accidental mistakes. Imagine the delays these can cause in dispatching a consignment.
Preparing documents electronically can dramatically reduce or completely remove these errors. Due to absolute automation of the process, you can expect high accuracy and thus, a great peace of mind.

Time Wastage

Over all these years, preparing documents faced certain restrictions. First, you need to be present at a particular place at a given period of time to initiate the process. Second, you need to submit the forms either personally or by mail. Third, you have to wait for days to hear from the document-issuing authorities. Above all, responding to their queries and objections may cause serious delays.

With the right document generation software, you can easily take care of the waste of time in the entire process. Especially, a cloud-based software can save you a lot of time by preparing documents from any place, submitting and tracking online and so on.

Frequent Incompliance

Among the most damaging flaws in the old method of document preparation is the probability of incompliance. As the international trade laws are subject to frequent updates, you may face the compliance issues on a regular basis. It happens mainly due to your inability to access the right information when required.

So, how does a software help? Firstly, it keeps you linked with various trade bodies at the global level. Secondly, it allows easy access to the relevant formats and norms that you must follow. Also, you can set automatic alerts to obtain instant updates. As a result, you become fully prepared to deal with the high-level risks.

Unproductive Recordkeeping

Just like storing information, you must maintain an efficient record of all the documents from every consignment. Why? Keeping records can help you to take fruitful business decisions. You can refer them to create reports and analyse them to increases successes and reduce failures. Unfortunately, recordkeeping in the form of paper files might not be that useful.

A document control system software makes the task easier and result-oriented. You can create some great reports with graphs and charts for better analysis.

Because of such amazing advantages, you can get the bonus advantage of saving costs and reducing losses. In short, a software can help you modernize your documentation process to achieve the set goals.

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