Export Meat

Company Info

  • The Client: Endeavour Meats is a meat sales and marketing company that focuses on trading and marketing meat and livestock supply chain products to international and national markets.
  • Founded: July 2019
  • Team Size: 10
  • Successful Shipments: 287
  • Countries exporting to: US, China, Singapore, Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Switzerland, Jordan

The Challenge

As a new business entering the market, Endeavour Meats’ main objective was to start out fast and gain a foothold in the industry. They had to get their systems in place to quickly start handling shipments and were looking for a way to:

Initially, they considered developing their own international trade management system, with largely manual execution processes. But they soon realised that this idea brought its own set of challenges – high cost, major diversion from their core business, and long implementation time.

Additionally, in the small team of people that Endeavour Meats started out with, the task of managing the export supply chain fell on the sales folks. From order management to contracts, to shipping, export and compliance documentation and updates, everything had to be managed by a handful of people. And doing it all manually would make it almost impossible to scale up at the pace they wanted.

Why ImpexDocs

Once it became clear that manual processes for global trade management were not going to deliver the kind of scale, savings or ease-of-operations they wanted, Endeavour Meats was ready to adopt a software solution. And that’s where ImpexDocs stepped in.

The founders at Endeavour Meats had previously engaged with ImpexDocs products, and decided to evaluate how it fits in with their goals for the new business. A custom demo and detailed discussions later, they were ready to adopt the ImpexDocs software solution, primarily because:

The Solution

After implementing ImpexDocs’ cloud-based solutions, Endeavour Meats began with simply putting orders and getting used to all the features of the platform. The team was able to:

All these processes were being managed by a single, unified cloud-based platform. Since the platform is easy to use, the team also required less training from the ImpexDocs team and were soon able to leverage the solution to deliver significant results.

The Results

ImpexDocs helped Endeavour Meats to become an agile business that was ready to hit the ground running. With the ImpexDocs software solution in place,they were able to:

With all these challenges taken care of, the team at Endeavour Meats now focuses on increasing their shipments and scaling up their growth. They are also working closely with the ImpexDocs team to get solutions developed for certain new requirements.

ImpexDocs, in simple words, is a lot easier to use as compared to other solutions, affordable and saves our operational costs to a large extent.
– James Larkin, Finance & Operations Director

And finally, the fact that ImpexDocs software solution has delivered great results for Endeavour Meats is evident from the fact that they are already recommending ImpexDocs to their peers in the industry.