Australian agricultural export company

Company Info

  • The Client: A premier Australian agricultural export company
  • Founded: February 2018
  • Export Products: Grains and oilseeds, Vegetable proteins and Animal by-products.

The Challenge

The client, a premier Australian agricultural export company, started operations on a high note with a robust network of buyers and suppliers in place. However, they needed an experienced team of people who could manage all the key aspects of their export logistics supply chain. Contract management, shipping and documentation were some of the areas where they needed an expert team managing the show. They were also clear on the fact that they wanted to completely outsource their export supply chain management, so their in-house team could focus on business strategy rather than operations.

What they wanted was an outsourced export supply chain management team that was well-versed in both the technical and procedural aspects of the business. And that’s where ImpexDocs came into the game.

Why ImpexDocs

With a stellar team delivering managed services to several prominent export businesses across Australia, ImpexDocs checked all the boxes on the client’s wishlist:

While the client was also evaluating other service providers and solutions, they finally settled on ImpexDocs owing to their unmatched industry expertise. The ImpexDocs team also ensured reliability, security and confidentiality which led to the client explicitly trusting them to manage export operations.

The Solution

Once onboard, the ImpexDocs team got to work setting up an efficient and optimized export supply chain processes. Their knowledge of the inedible meat industry, country-specific import requirements, and use of templatized and compliant documentation ensured a seamless integration of in-house and outsourced processes. The ImpexDocs team set up their online system to meet the client’s requirements and enabled them to obtain complete visibility and transparency across all their operations.

Here’s a look at the export processes that the client was able to seamlessly execute, with the ImpexDocs managed services team:

In essence, the managed services team took over the end-to-end export supply chain and back office management and executed it efficiently and on-time, to ensure profitability for the client.

The Results

With the ImpexDocs managed services team in play, the client realised some crucial benefits to their business:

Owing to the knowledge and expertise that ImpexDocs teams have displayed, certain suppliers working with the client have also moved to using ImpexDocs export software and documentation services. And there cannot be a more resounding testimony to the fact that ImpexDocs delivers phenomenal results, than this.